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 TABlets for Education Applications  

getting the learning center humming, wiLearn 4 Life can provide 10  tablets and 4 keyboards in a pilot case. TABEA connects to wiLLi and can be charged via the same solar power system.
It is equipped with an industrial standard Startech 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub that includes a fast 5000 Mbit/sec  USB interface for synchronisation. All USB ports are charging at 1.5 Amps in parallel. The hub can be operated with 7-24V DC and ideally suited for solar systems powereing USB gadgets.

Should you have another need for more tablets or a different setup we are pleased to customize it for best fit.
Call us at office hours on +41 76 215 09 63 or send a WhatsApp and I am glad to discuss options with You!

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