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wiLearn 4 Life - Swiss launches digital learning for crisis intervention!
FOUNDING wiLearn 4 Life 2018/07/ rodi Lufingen, Switzerland
On 15. July 2018 eight founding members  gathered in Lufingen for the launch of the new charitable organisation wiLearn 4 Life.
Excited to gain momentum after months of pondering and planning the  founding members are fully committed to start small and dream big about digital learning opportunities for communities forced to live in poverty, crisis or emergencies. With the millions of children around the globe facing the plight of disrutped education the task is daunting and the digital gap is deep to reach the most vulnerable and afflicted. Despite the huge challenges we put our heart, mind and hands to the task ahead. With the minimum of burocracy, the maximum of compassion and the full measure of conviction we will make a remarkable impact on life skills in desperate circumstances. WiLearn 4 Life will be adding mobile learning expertise to humanitarian and development organisation engaging in quality education projects or digital learning programs. With decades of pedagogical, ICT and innovation expertise and technical skills around the table, the elected board members recognised during the launch the importance of collaboration and partnership to deliver effective and sustainable solutions.
As a start up NGO we are excited to connect with the organisations who produce digital open education content, the hardware and energy supporters and those who share the wiLearn 4 Life vision to reach the unreached and connect the disconneted. We care for the forgotten and the marginalised by delivering digital learning platforms. We empower them to learn in a new and modern way with free access to quality education material. Wiht our project model we are  joining the global partnership goals of SDG 4 and INEE standards.

wiLearn 4 Life

The wiLearn 4 life logo was not exactly the starting point of the association - but the moment of determination to go all the way and produce a prototype mobile classroom for children that had no access to quality learning material.

Key criteria was to start with a small server for schools and communities, that have no functional learning infrastructure in place. We provide a wireless access to selceted digital mulitmedia knowledge and software to satisfy the most hungry student craving for understanding.

Counting on the steady increase of smartphones in remote areas I phathom that electricity will be a critical factor to make a technology based learning environment operational. Solar power and  12 V battery storage should be designed powerful enough to keep the server and projectoroperational for at least 5 hrs of teaching and learning per day. The system is designed to be compatible with Online services for media updates and gridpower where available.  All of the equipment shall be based on wiFi technology to allow random smart phone access.

True mobility includes airline standard portability so that

wiLearn 4 Life

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wiLearn 4 Life
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