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wiLearn 4 Life - THE FOUNDING

July 2018 / rd

On 15. July 2018 the eight founding members  gathered in Lufingen, Switzerland for the launch of the new charitable organisation wiLearn 4 Life.

START SMALL - DREAM BIG  - after months of pondering and planning we were excited to finally  launch our charity association for Offline Digital Learning. The  founding members have made a committment to drive the vision of digital learning opportunities for communities  in poverty,  crisis and  emergencies forward. With the millions of children around the globe facing the plight of disrutped education the task has been daunting. The digital gap runs deep and to reach the most vulnerable and afflicted in unstable countries  is challenging. With compassion, courage and joy we united under wiLearn 4 life  to tackle the education challenges. With minimum of burocracy and maximum committment have been making a remarkable impact on deprived communities. With decades of pedagogical, ICT and innovation expertise and technical skills around the table, the elected board members recognised  the importance of collaboration and partnership to deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

As a start up NGO we are excited to connect with the organisations who produce digital open education content, the hardware and energy supporters and those who share
the wiLearn 4 Life vision to reach the unreached and connect the disconneted. We care for the forgotten and the marginalised by delivering digital learning platforms. We empower them to learn in a new and modern way with free access to quality education material. With our project model we are  joining the global partnership goals of SDG 4 and INEE standards.


January 2018 /rd

Key thoughts to create the quality Offline Digital Learning environment
  1. it must be wireless and use mobile technology like smart phones, tablets and laptops
  2. agnostic hardware with open source software
  3. education content relevant to displaced children, families and pastoralist communities
  4. free zero payment access, safe learning in low resource infrastructures
  5. portable handcarry unit to travel in an aircraft with the equipment
  6. system operation with renewable energy 12VDC  for at least 5 hrs per day
  7. integrate a projector for facilitation in a classroom, home or public gathering
  8. Compatible with Online services for statistics and updates as well as grid power 230VAC

The Logo -  not the starting point of the association, but the moment of determination to go all the way and produce a prototype wireless learning lab that is interactive We make digital learning  Accessable, Adaptable, and Affordable for all.

The Logo representing wiLearn 4 Life has ntegrated the following elements:
  1. blue circle - the globe, God's creation is a gift - wiLearn is participating of making the World a better place especially for the most vulnerable. Blue represents water of life, and the resources God gave us, which build the foundation for our being.
  2. wi - alludes to wireless Learning that is why it is written in small letter with a capital L for learning.
  3. wi learn also creates the sense of toghetherness and a learning attitude- with a spelling mistake - as we learn togehter and we will make mistakes and learn from them.
  4. the tilted organge  4 - is the expression for the Industry 4.0 the connection between information and technology which is disruptive, innovative and requires paradigm shifts at many levels. On the globe our focus is on Africa.  The rotated 4 resembles the continental shape and stands "for Africa"
  5. Orange is the color for sun and fun - and that is for Life in all its fullness!
  6. The famous quote from Steve Jobs, "Stay hungry, stay foolish and connecting the dots" has found its way into our logo. Everyone can discover 4 dots on the wiLearn logo - two are white and two are black. If they are connected correctly, we discover the clever child smiling - in orange - having fun and abundant life!

wiLearn color code RGB  | Hex:
Orange   255 164 032  | #FFA420
Blue       015 036  062  | #0F243E
Red        192 000  000  | #C00000

wiLearn Logo
wiLearn 4 Life
Zürcherstr. 36
8426 Lufingen
Raiffeisenbank Zürich Airport
CHF  IBAN CH86 8080 8007 3148 8786 6
USD  IBAN CH26 8080 8002 1528 6662 1
SWIFT-BIC: RAIFCH22E74 | BC-Nr. 81474

© Copyright 2018 wiLearn 4 Life is a registred charity in Switzerland - all rights reserved
Phone-Whatsapp: +41 76 215 09 63
Email: | Skype: rodiwv
PC-Konto 84-3431-5

Donations made for wiLearn 4 Life are tax deductable in Switzerland (Tax Office Canton ZH, Order Nr. 19/10540)

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