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wiLLi is a small handcarry case for learners of all ages, especially for the displaced, underserved or deprived refugees of protracted crisis areas. wiLearn shall be a beacon of Light and Hope, carrying the Good News for children, youth and communities that have less then the bare minimum of information to master a self-determined life in dignity. Bridging the digital gap is our call to action.

DESIGN wiLLi is designed as the most portable mobile learning platform to aspire quality education for all! It's fully self-contained solar power system keeps the unit operational in the most remote locations on earth. Teaching and learning with mulitmedia locally made content can take place with virtually no infrastructure in any tent, stable, or under the night skie. This is the most selective and safe learning environment for vulnerable people groups. People with smart phone can connect at zero cost to all the published open source content stored on the server. Thus vulnerable people groups can attain digital media skills training as a key element of empowerment to a modern self-directed life. The new opportunity will reduce digital information disaprity and change the way we learn, work and communicate. Digital libraries are beacons of hope giving orientation to the next generation for a more just and peaceful world.

At the core the wiLLi case offers a Remote Access Community Hotspot for Education and Learning RACHEL Plus. The server is produced and serviced by World Possible, an NGO dedicated to education for all at a global level. Rachel Friends is a large community of practice ideal for administrators and teachers to discuss further development of the Open Education Resource development and technical issues.


·         1 RACHEL Plus   Server (500 GB)
·         1 Huawei 4G SIM card adapter with LAN port for updates
·         1 LED HD Projector battery power, Miracast, Apple TV,  Android 6, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
·         Power supply 220V AC / 15V DC
·        1 Table tripod
·         1 Logitech Mouse
·         1 Logitech Keyboard
·         2  Tablet PC (iPad)
·         1 Bluetooth speaker
·         12V DC OUT Socket
·         230V AC IN Socket
·         12V DC IN Solar panel Socket
·         Mobile display screen
·         10 USB Charging Ports
·         LED Solar Powerbank with 20 full bright LED lights and 2 USB Ports 2.1A
·         2 Lithium (LiFePo4) high performance accu pack total 300 Wh
·         1 Victron Blue Solar Charge Controller 75/15 ultra fast MPPT maximum power tracking  
·         1 Victron Battery Charger 230V AC – 12 V DC 5 Amp Lithium, AGM, waterproof
·         1 Powersupply 90W for LED projector DC – DC 12V – 15V - 19V
·         Weight 13 kg (including Batteries and Tablet PC)
·         Alu Case - Dimension 50cm x 40cm x 25 cm
·        1 ETFE 120 W foldable Solar Panel Monocristaline with 3m Cabel and powerplug
Bluetooth Sound
Internet Connection
10 Ah 12VDC
wiLearn 4 Life
Zürcherstr. 36
8426 Lufingen
Raiffeisenbank Zürich Airport
CHF  IBAN CH86 8080 8007 3148 8786 6
USD  IBAN CH26 8080 8002 1528 6662 1
SWIFT-BIC: RAIFCH22E74 | BC-Nr. 81474

© Copyright 2018 wiLearn 4 Life is a registred charity in Switzerland - all rights reserved
Phone-Whatsapp: +41 76 215 09 63
Email: | Skype: rodiwv
PC-Konto 84-3431-5

Donations made for wiLearn 4 Life are tax deductable in Switzerland (Tax Office Canton ZH, Order Nr. 19/10540)

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