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Dalmas Adongo and Team are overcoming the negative effects of COVID school lockdown with radio lectures. Secondary classes have been critical for pupils who are in great need of up to date information on the specific school subjects to pass exams. In the absence of a reliable internet the school leaders were searching for alernative solutions when the idea of using mobile learning modules appeared.  A comprehensive and interactive library could enhance attendance as well as the literacy and learning process.
Thats is when wiLearn was approached via Whatsapp to establish a  digital library for Faulu Secondary School. The offline learning platform could fill the gap. With mobile learning the  school absenteeism among herders shall be reduced and learning skills increased. With your kind support the Teenies from Wajir may gain better access to quality education in a very harsh and under-resourced environment. Let us make an impact and increase the teenies chances to pass their national exams successfully!


The provision of regular eLearning has been a logical step in keeping pupils from pastoralist culture at school. wiLearn has the expertise to establish a digital education library for schools and community of all ages to access quality edcuation media. Teaching and Learning with the self - paced education media on virtually any curricular subject will reduce the digital gap and empower the Wajir youth.  
As soon as we have compassionate and committed supporters contributing to the project we are ready to engage!



To establish the learning platform we need the following minimal equipment and support:
  • 1 moLLi starter kit - wireless Learning Lab interactive - contains the wiFi Server, wiFi Android projector, Bluetooth Sound, Keyboard, 10 tablets | 4900 CHF
  • 48 Android tablets for learners |   180 CHF
  • 3 mobile Charging cases with 16 tablets |   900 CHF
  • 1 Laptop for teachers and administration of the library |   600 CHF
  • 1 Workshop to familiarize the teachers and community facilitators with the communication technology  | 3200 CHF
  • Electrical infrastructure for charging and operating equipment | 1500 CHF
  • 12 Months Support via Whatsapp |   600 CHF


All children and adults at Faulu Secondary School, Wajir are able to read, understand and master basic writing and mathematics.  They will gain 21st Centruy learning skills and digital media competence through regular practice and use of the education library. Free access to open education resources shall enable, empower and enhance students ability to fulfill the curriculum targets of the Kenya edcuation policy "Vision 2030" for the respective grades.
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