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"Life long Learning" is the objective for everyone, especially the guardians of an effective education system. Since the world has changed the way we communicate, learn, work and live we all are challenged to adapt to our digital environment. Even more so in the most remote location of the globe where infrastructures are scarce.
Education must prepare the learner for life. Hence teachers at the helm of learnging institutions should be the first to be committed to mobile and digital learning because their task is to teach and mentor the next generation for a productive life in a post industrial 4.0 world
"From learning to earning" must be the motto for a modern education system.  To enter todays workforce only the digitally literate stand a chance to secure a well paid job.
To fight poverty it is no longer a question if digital skills should be aquired, but rather how and when they become part of our daily routines?

wiLearn therefore believes that teachers and facilitators who are unskilled to inlcude multimedia information in lesson plans are falling behind. They urgently need a thorough skills training opportuntiy and a comprehensive digital library to catch up with the fast paced information age.


Julius Nyerere, 1978 Tanzanian President



Introducing hardware in rural communities without teacher training is a total waste of resources. The main focus for making a sustainable impact is to invest in mulitpliers. A workshop is a must unless an institution or a community is already skilled to use eLEarning and distance learning routinely. wiLearn will provide expertise and mentoring for an agreed time to assure the best use of equipment, adequate maintenance and the knowhow to extend and adapt digital media content. International and local experts are provided for the workshops.

Projects are seeking donor committment for following training expenses:

  • 1 Teacher/Facilitator workshop attendant| 160 CHF
  • Expert Tutor for 5 Day Workshop  | 2500 CHF
  • International travel and accommodation | 1700 CHF

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wiLearn offers Basic and Adavanced Workshops to build the smart teaching capacity among teachers. We adapt to the requirements and the pre-conditions of the participants. 20 participants for anyone course is the maximum number we can accommodate in a workshop to assure quality learning. Participants who complete the full course will be issued a Smart Learning Certificate which can serve as a stepping stone to new job opportunities.  

The following is a short summary of our course outline.

Smart Learning - Introductory Workshop I

Goal: Teachers are competent to operate  digital learning platforms and find relevant content for eLearning
  1. Day 1 ICT Functional Skills
  2. Day 2 ICT Operational Skills
  3. Day 3 ICT Adaptable Skills
  4. Day 4 ICT Inspirational Skills
  5. Day 5 ICT Collaboration Skills

Smart Teaching - Advanced Workshop II

Goal: Teachers are skilled to apply ICT in class in alignment with the Competency Based Curriculm
  1. Day 1 Digital Teaching Skills
  2. Day 2 Operating with LMS
  3. Day 3 Mentoring & Monitoring pupils
  4. Day 4 Open Education Resources
  5. Day 5 Developing Classroom Media
CBC the competency based curriculum
The Kenya National education strategy to deliver a good quality education from kindergarden to adolesence is called CBC. In a digitised world the 21st century skills include self oriented learning, critical thinkinng and digital media competence as a key pillar in modern education.
wiLearn workshops for teachers are addressing the integration of ICT in the learning process. The workshop schedule is addressing this curricular objectives with mayn practicle exercises.
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