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SHREEJANA SUDI (14) - her fear to be married...

Bhakta Bahadur Rawat, Chief of Ghodemahadev reports 

moLLi Trek

for the mountain areas wiLearn developed a solar powered learning lab in a backpack - the mollitrek. One unit is on Stby in KTM and awaiting its final destianation in a school project. The server is loaded with Nepalese primary school software and all the english content.

Call +41 76 215 09 63 for more details, if you are in Nepal and have a facilitation or education need.

Sudi Village visit - Aug 2018

after 7 hrs of hiking up to  3000 m a.s.L.  we finally hear singing and music to welcome the guest from Switzerland and Kathmandu in the remote place along the Kharnali River, the birht place of Nepal. Namaste - whoever can walk gathers at the village square, next to the school buildings where we also will overnight.
Even to reach Jumla is always an adventure - flying with Twin Otter along from the flatland in the Terrai to the mountain airstrip. The weather is a daily challenge that make travleing schedules so unpredicatable and tickets a rare commodity you have to cling on to.

A special connection we have with the people in the region - they grow apples. However, the challenge is to get the apples to the market. There is no value chain for apple products in the mountain areas. So education and skills is a key and the women would love to have more information about life outside the valley. We would love to serve the people with offline learning, but lack resources to go back to these villages.

One of our server unit together with a projector is moving in the region  with KIRDARC - a local NGO working together with World Vision Nepal.
Unfortunately we lost track of the use and communication hasbeen a challenge since. As soon as we can gather more info, we will publish it here.
I am afraid that the unit like many other computer training efforts might have stalled due to a lack of serviceability. wiLearn was looking for a lead but we run out of funds to follow up our program in Nepal and concentrate on East Africa until we have a sponsor for Nepal. (RODI 12/2019)

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