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called wiLearnCAP (Content Access Point) is the heart of the offline  library with all the education media stored on a 1TB Solid State Harddisc (SSD). We deliver the wiFi offline library containing over 700 GB of valuable education resources. This leaves ample space for your locally produced media content that can be uploaded within seconds.  All content can be accessed at zero cost and adapted to the needs of the users. No marketing nor social media will distract learners from their study.  


The wiLearnCAP primarily serves communities without internet data connections. However, its design hardware allows for an online server option as well as an integration in a computer lab. To sample the edcuation library content on a wiLearn server click on the IIAB picture below or use the follwing browser address


Over  to 50 concurrent learners can access education media at anytime through our free wiFi network connection. To assure excellent performance we provide the Outdoor Comfast EW74 High Power wiFi Access Point with Dual Band  2.4GHz and 5GHz / 1200 Mbps.
wiNEWS September 2023, Nairobi - wiLearn hardware comes out strong in our latest  real life Study. We tested the compatibility of wiLearn IIAB libraries with the Pro Futuro hardware installed  at A.E.F Ruben Primary School in Nairobi.



our new Open Source wiFi library platform to give everyone a chance to learn with digital media. The IIAB design gives us the opportunity to increase  global access to quality education resources wihtout barriers. IIAB is an integral part of our wiLearnCAP mobile learning platform. The basic content is a collection of over 100 modules in English and other major languages that can be adapted to your learners subject focus. wiLearn can assist you in adapting your own digital content into a new learning module for offline and online publication.
Introduction to RACHEL Server content


all content can be access by endusers without paying data downloads or licence fees. Our policy is to provide offline digital information free of charge. The education resources are primarily licenced under Creative Commons or available as an Open Education Resource (OER).
Adminsitration of hardware and software  can be done in the field with a simple smart phone or with a Laptop computer. The system runs om Linux / Ubuntu but through the html delivery formats it is agnostic for the enduser.


wiLearn has developed and integrated customized modules in partnership with the enduser community. By promoting the open source platform wiLearn seeks to enhance basic literacy, digital skills, studying, research, presentation and edutainment. We support the alginement of curriculum relevant edcuation resources and the expansion of locally relevant content based on your teaching and learning focus. All content can be sorted, changed, augmented or deleted depending on the primary learning community served.   Digtial media can be downloaded and kept on the learners digital device taking it home for free.
Such libraries offer a new quality in education guidance material with audio, print, animations, interactive and creative tools, video files as well as self constructed lessonplans and lecturing content created by a simple smart phone.  

Should you have educational software that is licenced under Creative Commons you are welcome to contact us for the creaction of a module. Contact...
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