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Retired Librarian teaches mobile digital in Kajiado

its Sam Mbogo who left the university library and rolled up his sleeves to take his extensive digital library experience to the marginalized communities in Kajiado. With a motorbike and only 2 pilot cases full of eLearning equipment and a big passion for kids education he now serves 5 schools in the district from Kindergarden age to Grade 8. In preparation for this project Sam constituted the Kajiado Mobile Digital Learning (KMDL) group to reach out and teach teachers and pupils during class using the elaborate wilearn education library designed for offline and offgrid communities.
Reaching out to 1500 school age children! The Kajiado schools selected for regular tuition suffer from a lack of educational infrastructure and welcome the advanced digital opportunties coming with the wilearn program. Schools attached to the project are (Location) :

  • Nile Basin School
  • Oloosirkon Primary School
  • Excellence Promise Academy
  • Jeskids Junior Academy
  • Emakoko, Tuala

3 USD/ Child


to develop digital learning competencies

may be the most valuable gift

to curious and smart children.

Once learners adapt to

self-oriented learning habits

the world is opening up to them.  

Communities excited to learn digital!

the official project kickoff took place on 16. February 2024 at the Seed of Dreams Academy. see Educaction News Report!  TV47 Kenya has also captured a few moment of the event - video link
Now with KMDL and wiLearn support the teachers practice to use digital media in class on a weekly basis.  They learn to use technology with ease and  without anxiety having the prime focus on selecting the relevant content and making lessons more interactive. Children are very excited to attend these scheduled classes. They never want to miss class when digital learning is scheduled and teachers reported a marked reduction in absenteism. The new opportunties in teaching and learning with digital content stifles the learners curiosity and builds the mobile learning competence through hands on exercises. Sam also demonstrates how to prepare for digital learning class  and how to handle solar powered mobile devices such as the tablets, the projector or the wiFi library. In the evening everything is packed up and put on his motorbike to take to the next school.

It is our second wiLearn supported project with such a mobile service to schools and we get a lot of positive  feedback on our Whatsapp User Group. If you want to join the group pls send me your Whatsapp Number on +41762150963. Because its a group effort, we reach maximised utilisation of the library, reaching maximised number of teachers and children enhancing their learning skills. The reported learning progress with highly motivated learners is a great satisfaction for all partners and donors. It sends out the message that through your donation we can make wonderful impact in the lifes of marginalized and create new opportunties. More opportunities are waiting and we welcome anyone to join the mobile digital learning teams! Full project descritpion is here

Progress Report

KMDL Report 1st Month Operation

5000 USD prepares up to 1500 children for Life!

its the cost of a complete solar powered library and includes:
  • 1 multimedia library on a wiFi Mini PC - 1TB SSD with English and Swaheli KICD Government approved curriculum content, edutainment, career planning, Wikipedia, reading books, language training, organic farming and health related subjects, computer, financial, life skills training and much much more ...  plus
  • 10 Android tablets
  • 1 Android wiFi Projector
  • 1 Solar Panel & 2 batteries


Sam Mbogo

I am a Librarian by profession and a technology enthusiast, especially in Edtech sector. I have been building digital libraries in universities for more than two decades. I am driven by the desire to see information seekers get the right information within the shortest time possible. My clients’ satisfaction is my happiness. I desire to see improvement of educational standards and impart important global economy skills such as digital skills, information literacy skills, computer skills and critical thinking skills.

Evelyne Wangui

As a financial specialist I love associating myself with community projects that are people centric such as KMDL. I am good at crunching numbers and therefore I believe my skills will be vital in steering the project to greater heights.

Edward Kinyungu

I serve in the KMDL board as a specialist in strategic leadership. Mobile digital library is the way to go for remote areas where people can share the reading materials as a community. There are many students or children in remote areas who cannot afford internet. I would love to identify myself with being a part of a board that offers solutions to such population. I believe my strategic management skills and expertise would make the organisation achieve its grand and specific objectives.

Francis Waweru

As a ICT Specialist in software and web development I am very much interested in disruptive technologies such as "wiLearn 4 life" provides, because they are very important in teaching and learning in Higher Education Institutions where I have served as an ICT Officer. Such technologies are the future in education as they provide digital skills to learners in both primary, secondary and university and help the learners and teachers in research.

Stacy Wanjiru

I studied Library and Information Science at Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I am a digital library enthusiast and therefore when I was requested to serve the KMDL as a board member, I felt elated. I believe that digital libraries have much more to offer compared to the traditional libraries. Together, we aspire to revolutionize teaching and learning especially in resource constrained parts of Africa.
16. Feb 2024
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