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The Beginning of Blended Learning
November 2018 is when Roland Diethelm from wiLearn 4 Life joined the Watu Moja Lee Academy (WMLA) team in a makeshift primary school in the middle of the largest slum in Africa. Carrying two learning lab cases for the Kickoff worshop to Kenya everybody got excited about the mobile information technology arriving at the school. The pilot project was started with just 10 iPads sponsored by World Vision Switzerland, a wifi projector and a RACHEL offline education server.  In the meantime the school oversees 7 tablet cases with a total of 70 Android tablet PC's and two mobile learning labs with servers adn projector.

Yakub Jaffar is the founder and builder of the private school. Before he had a call to serve his community he was once a feared gang member in the slum. Yakub gathered his 9 teachers, project partners and the school administrator to welcome the new era of smart learning with digital mulitmedia tools. The Swiss towel symbolised the servant attitude we all should adopt as we are entrusted with children coming to school hungry for food and hungry to learn for life! 316 chilrden living in the Kibera slum were enrolled at the school. Watu Moja Lee caters for classes  pre-school to grade 6  in 10 classrooms. The general lack of resources from parents and school board regularly hampers the efforts thus making the employment of well trained teachers nearly impossible.  Parents who are supposed to pay tuition fees are paying at unpredictable intervals because food and shelter for their family come first. In turn the school often lacks the funds to pay the teachers on time for their work.

wiLearn 4 life together with PD Foundation decided to support this exciting education initiative to bring change and hope for a brighter future to these kids at WMLA. wiLearn has introduced mobile self-oriented learning to align the school to the Government's new education strategy.
CBC the competency based curriculum
The Kenya National education strategy to deliver a good quality education from kindergarden to adolesence is called CBC. In a digitised world the 21st century skills include self oriented learning, critical thinkinng and digital media competence as a key pillar in modern education.
wiLearn workshops for teachers are addressing the integration of ICT in the learning process. The workshop schedule is addressing this curricular objectives with mayn practicle exercises.
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